Saturday, February 13, 2010

Brand New Historical

I love Champagnes. But as I mentioned when I announced my additional work with the historical lines, I really love a good historical. So when Kismet's Revenge came across my desk, I did a few backflips. Author Katherine Brandon returns to her Kismet Series, with this spicy full length American Rose.

Marisa Alvarez looks forward to a day she'll remember the rest of her life. Instead of the marriage proposal and happily ever after she expects, however, she becomes one of only a handful of survivors of one of the bloodiest Indian uprisings in American history, the attack on Fort Mims.

Lucien St. Clair has been sent to Pensacola to learn the identity of a clever saboteur who calls himself "La Venganza." As he pursues the enigmatic figure, he is inexplicably drawn to Marisa, a treacherous woman whose beautiful face may hide deadly secrets.

But when acts of revenge escalate to kidnapping, Lucien will have to find a way to gain Marisa's trust, not only to save her life, but to win her heart!

Kismet's Revenge will be available on August 13, 2010.


Lucien lowered his tone and his head. “Who is La Venganza?”

“Why, Major.” Marisa fixed him with an arched brow. “Are we no longer continuing the pretense you’re here on business?”

From behind him, Ethan pointed an accusatory finger. “You knew! You knew General Jackson sent us to find La Venganza.”

Her laughter washed over him like a hot bath. “Of course I knew. Do I look like an idiot?”

Now he leaned forward, his face a breath away from hers. “I want the villain’s name.”

Taking a step back, Marisa folded her arms over her chest. “What villain?”

“You know exactly what villain.” His tone grew deadly, each soft syllable laced with a hard edge. “Who is La Venganza, seƱorita?”

“Ask your questions elsewhere. You’ll get nothing from me.” She waved a hand as if to shoo
him away.

In one smooth arc, Lucien grabbed her flying hand in his right fist. His left hand cupped her chin, forcing her to look into his eyes. The velvet of her skin, like a rose petal, seeped into his fingers. He’d never touched her bare flesh before now. Never felt her warmth or known such incredible softness in anyone.

But the anger that blazed in her eyes reminded him of stable fires, alligators, and blood streaming from a comrade’s forehead. Besides, she had a lover.

A lover who was a criminal.

“I will find La Venganza.”

With a shake of her head, she simultaneously broke out of his grasp and his gaze. “You’ll find nothing.” She flashed a superior smile. “You don’t even know where to look. La Venganza could be standing before you, and you wouldn’t know.”

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