Saturday, July 25, 2009


Hello All!

I made my debut with The Wild Rose Press in early 2009. I did a little cross-genre work in the Hummingbird Department, and then shifted full time to the Champagne Rose Line. For those who are not familiar with the specific line, this is one of our Contemporary lines.

I love Contemporaries. There's a certain kind of comfort in knowing any one of these heroes and heroines could be our neighbors, the teller at the bank, the gardener. With historicals, (although I'm equally addicted to good historicals) the chances of running into the particular characters are nill -- unless you've somehow chanced upon a time-travel machine. In which case, let me know--I have some questions to ask Trajan. In paranormals, there's a draw for the fantasy, and the What if? question, but the chances of encountering an immortal being, magical powers, and shape-shifting creatures are rare. Even with the most well-written stories, there's a disconnect in any other genre. When we close the book, there's a part of us that knows it can't happen to us.

In contemporaries, it can.

I chose to go into editing because I genuinely enjoy watching authors grow and develop their craft. Sending a contract to a first-time author is equally as exciting for me as it is for the author. Assiting these talented individuals in getting published is something I find extremly rewarding. While not everyone recieves an acceptance letter for the first book they write, being able to offer constructive remarks in a rejection letter allows me to pass on my knowledge, thus returning to new authors what I received when I first entered the world of writing.

In this blog I hope to be able to do more of that. While this is not the appropriate place to discuss your specific manuscripts, I'll share my insight and if questions arise, will do my best to answer all I can.

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  1. I fondly recall my first contract coming from my first editor. Couldn't manage to talk at all for an hour, then the screaming started. *sigh*...fond memories.