Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Shift In Responsibilities

Well, I'm happy to announce that as of today I will also be editing in The Wild Rose Press' historical lines.

I will be floating between the specific lines there, and working on overflow submissions, but this gives me an opportunity to return to where romance began for me, many years ago.

As a reader, I was always enchanted with historicals. Johanna Lindsey was, is, and shall always remain one of my earliest influences. Julie Garwood plays an equally important role.

While contemporary romances deal with the here and now and give us the hope that fantasy can become reality, a good historical transports the reader back in time. For however long our nose is in the book, we exist in that world.

We live in castles, we attend formal balls, we hear cannonade on the hillside as North confronts South, we smell the firepits on an open range. We fall in love with the Scottish brogue. We swoon over the Regency rake. We love and hate the arrogant knight. And the scenery... no longer do we face the concrete monstrosities that define todays large cities.

It's a different world.

Anyway! I look forward to this new endeavor!

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  1. Hi, Tori!

    Looks like you barely got started on Twitter and your blog. Several of my friends write for Wild Rose. Seems like a great publisher.