Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Things That Make My Email Happy

Waking up to find a resubmission an author has put a lot of time and energy into, that really shines, is almost better than my morning cup of coffee. Authors who take the time, who step back away from the attachment to their story and are willing to look at it from an objective angle are gems. We editors know it isn't easy to hear the word, "But..." It isn't necessarily easy for us to say that word either. We know the likelihood of how it will be received.

The author who can move past the gut-reaction of, "No way. It's right this way." is the author who wants to grow and has the best opportunity at seeing career goals met.

This morning, I had an even more pleasant experience than revised resubmissions. Every once in a while, I'll have a story come our way that is incredible in one fashion or another, but there's an aspect of it I can't contract. Several months ago, I ran into this and spent several long hours in discussion with the author. To my delight, this morning, after weeks of consideration, the author decided to go with my requested needs.

It's a treat to run into this email before coffee. Made my day, I tell you.

On another note, in the near future I should have two more titles to present to you. Waiting on our wonderful artists to finalize covers. Both are books that I read before coffee.

Hm. I believe there might be a pattern there.

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  1. Interesting post, Tori. While I haven't had the privilege of working with an editor on a story, I've had the chance to read the submitted and published versions of a friend's story.

    While there were some specific things/scenes that were really nice in the original version, the final product based on the editor's suggestion seemed much better - more focused.

    Then again I was looking at it from a third-party POV...

    Here's to authors taking a step back once the story is completed